Shipping Details

The time it takes for your order to arrive depends on your location, and your service speed.
We deliver to all countries of the world. We cover all shipping and destination charges (customs duties, taxes, and fees) on all orders. Rest assured that there won't be any additional costs for you.

If you’d like to track your order –

Regions Transit time (in working days)

 Transit time (in working days)
7 - 10 days
UK 6 - 10 days
6 - 11 days
7 - 11 days
7 - 10 days
4 - 7 days
Other Country 9 - 10 days

As soon as your order is shipped, you receive a link with the tracking number. We will inform you proactively about the progress of the shipment as soon as the order has shipped.

In an effort to provide you with exclusive high-quality items at lower prices and also delivering orders not only to the US but also to Europe and Asia we partner with global merchants from the Taiwan and China and ship directly from our factories.