Choosing lingerie: tips and major mistakes

The female form comes in all shapes and sizes, and these differences should be celebrated. Finding lingerie that suits your body and style can take perseverance, but the rewards of finding your perfect fit are endless. Wearing beautiful lingerie is not solely something to do in order to entice your partner, but rather a very personal expression of self care and love.

It can be easy to believe that there is one “standard” size in the world of lingerie, but this stereotype is (thankfully) false. You don’t have to be a model to look and feel beautiful in your underthings.

Whether you’re a seasoned hand in all things silky or a beginner filled with trepidation, we’ve compiled some guidelines will help you choose lingerie that celebrates your body to the fullest. Check out our top eight tips for donning lingerie and get ready to feel confident and beautiful every day!


  • Get the right fit
  • Embrace your size
  • Be true to your size
  • Wear lingerie for yourself as well as others
  • Invest in high-quality pieces
  • Invest in a matching set
  • Sexy underthings are not just for big occasions
  • Enjoy yourself


Every woman deserves to have a collection of beautiful lingerie. There’s just nothing like wearing luxurious underwear to express your individual style and personality. Celebrate what makes you feel special by donning your favorite lingerie every day.

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